About Me

Vojtech I’ve spent the last ten years pursuing academic and professional opportunities in the areas of communication, programming and data analysis, eventually finding my true calling in the world of what is now called data science, where all of the above intersect. At this point in my career I am only skirting the more advanced topics such as machine learning, instead focusing on building and maintaining clean data, smooth data pipelines and solid analytical practices.

After moving to Canada from the Czech Republic in 2008, and after attaining great education at Pearson UWC College and Simon Fraser University, I have had the great pleasure of working with and alongside many amazing movement builders, who inspired me to focus on the areas of nonprofit technology management and movement analytics in particular.

I currently work as a Digital Innovation Director at Stand.earth. I keenly follow the RStudio, measure slack and open data communities and am a big fan of open source analytical practices. When away from a computer, I am either spending time with my beautiful wife, getting lost in the West Coast woods, reading or trying to decide whether I am worried or excited about the future of our increasingly connected lives.