Learning by writing

After many years of trials, errors, failures and occassional successes, I hope to take the next step in understanding how technology, data and analytics can be used to advance the work of mission-driven organizations. That step means moving away from a private playground, where successes and failures were only mine to ponder, to a more open space, where I can share some of my thinking and hopefully learn from others.

In particular I would like to explore the following areas:

My hope for this project is to become a resource for any movement builders, who want to streamline their use of data and technology without having to invest ton of time and resources in learning new tools. As such all of the above can be applied to any campaign area that centers on mobilizing people and generating impact.

The focus of my professional experiences has been on promoting and defending digital rights, an area that perhaps made it easier to incorporate advanced technological practices (see more about me here). What I learned in conversations with peers is that many of the technological challenges are shared among groups, no matter the focus of their work. That is why I believe a mission-agnostic approach to data and technology, one that can be leveraged by all, is what’s needed to help accelerate some of the changes we all want to see in the world.